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Grower Frame plus Weather Protection Cover

Grower Frame plus Weather Protection Cover

Just like a mini-greenhouse but can be moved to wherever its needed.SAVE over £5

This comprises:
One of my personal favourite solutions to ensure early and late crops thrive and that I can sow or plant out when the weather is vile!! Also great for protecting against other pests, weather etc 
This powder-coated steel frame is easy to assemble (even for me!) using the joints provided.  You can use it in on a sheltered patio, terrace or other area of hard-standing or use the ground pegs provided to anchor it  into the soil when you want to grow plants direct in the ground. 
Use in conjunction with the Grower Weather Protection Cover, see below and Grow Micromesh Cover (available Separately).
Can be collapsed for easy storage when not in use.
Dimensions : L : 3m x W : 1m X H : 1m
Heavy duty weather and pest protection for Grower Frame
This chunky plastic cover makes an amazing difference to soil and air temperatures inside the frame, so massively increasing the growing season and also perfect for crops which need that bit more warmth.  Easy access is provided by four side zips, and it also offers  insect-proof (micromesh covered) ventilation ‘windows’  to help you to control temperature and air circulation, without the risk of insects gaining access. 
Designed for use only with the Grower Frame

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