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Pippa's gardening news and advice contains articles on how to Grow Veg, Growing Veg, Veg Seeds, and Veg Plants.

Red Spider Mite

03 August 2016
Watch out for this little horror - especially likely on greenhouse plants such as cucumbers, melons, aubergines and peppers.


The Evil Weevil, find out more & get it sorted with Nemasys nematodes

14 February 2016
Its that time of year, the evil weevil's horrible little grubs are eating plant roots....with devastating consequences. Nemasys Vine Weevil Killer (rather like Nemaslug, but to deal with vine weevils) comes to the rescue


Gorgeous New Garden-Ready Vegetable Plants now Available!

12 January 2016
Exciting news!I've extended the range of vegetable plants available from 'Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood' The quality of fantastic (This was the 2015 Summer crop delivery)


Patchy,yellowed lawn being ripped up?Leatherjackets

18 August 2015
Leatherjackets, the larvae of daddy-longlegs nibble at grass roots and when they're there your lawn is often ripped up by birds such as magpies,rooks and crows, also foxes and badgers...going in search of a tasty grub snack.  I've got the solution!


Yucky, Maggoty Apples?

30 April 2015
Last year was your apple crop spoiled by 'maggots'...probably codling moth!Act now and you can reduce the problem in the year ahead using a pheromone trap.


Nemaslug Nematodes Control Slugs.Simple!

30 April 2015
Nemaslug, containing millions of microscopic nematodes is a brilliant way to control slugs in your garden, above ground AND below ground, without harming wildlife, pets or humans


Mycorrhizal Fungi for Improved establishment at planting

23 April 2015
RootsBoost a mix of no less than 18 mycorrhizal fungi plus biostimulants  is now available from here


Red mite attacking your Chickens?We've the answer, Androlis!

16 March 2015
Red Mite of Chickens (Dermanyssus gallinae) causes severe stress, anaemia and may even kill. But I've some GREAT news, we are  now able to offer Androlis,  a brilliant biological control to sort them out


Slug population forecast to rocket

05 March 2015
A very mild winter combined with plenty of rain, slug numbers are likely to rocket. Control options and using Nemaslug now to have a big impact


Speed Hoes are back!

01 December 2014
Fantastic news. At last we are able to offer the brilliant Haxnicks Speed Hoe, a double-edged hoe which is just SO good


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